Thank you all for taking time to comment on my earlier thread on this topic which I am continuing under this new thread for convenience of you all.

I should mention, this will be new timber frame/SIP structure located in Wyoming at 6,500 elevation and 50 miles to the nearest nail; I will be using wood as a floor finish; and I will be my own general contractor by default as no one nearby has more experience with the type of construction.

I am trying to keep the installation as simple as possible and keeping the number of different trades to a minimum. I recognize the expense of Warmboard, the framing should not be a significant issue as one mentioned, but I wonder whether the added expense is worth it, I am hesitant to go to a wet system, and although I recognize that wood is not a good conductor, I wonder why I cannot just lay more piping under the floor with suitable reflection and insulation to achieve the same result at a lesser cost.

I am also assuming that because the SIP panels offer a well-insulated tight envelope and the floor area is not exceptionally large, a "staple up" system should be possible even though I will get heat loss through extensive windowing.

But, I recognize a heat load calculation should be done. But where do I get the info as to how? I have general engineering knowledge but no experience in this area. Is there any place on the web that offers software or a manner of doing this?

Again, I appreciate your taking the time to comment.