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Dear Chill factor,

Regarding your posted comment:

“Explain to me how 1lbs of feathers weigh 33% more than 1lbs of gold! To me what you are saying is crock!’

“Crock”…….hummmmmmmm, your saying that I’m wrong, inaccurate, and a robber of the truth….. ….please read the second post from the top on page eight(8) of this thread and post again.

By the way, it seems that my original question, as my apparent knowledge, and your assumption of me, may not be as simple as you’ve made them appear on this thread my friend.

Respectfully Submitted,
John J. Dalton

Alright Johnny! Your question did not state according to the international measurements of weight which would weigh more. When you go to a jeweler then, we must be getting less than what we expected we are getting!
Good answer John you got me! Hopefully one day I'll get you.