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Thread: R410 Prices

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    I know R410 seems to be getting cheaper as the years roll by..... great alternative all the speels...... but I just got a rude awakening on R134a..... I try to keep some around for a few cars and trucks I seem to get around. I called for a price and whewwwwwwwww it tripled in price this year and they expect it to go up more. Funny R12 is not available now and all of a sudden they have an excuse to nail ya with the alternative. Now I get to thinkin... What is R410 going to do when the R22 isn't made anymore? I know its supposed to have all the R22 around for 30 years but is it? Is the supply going to magically disappear? Is there going to be a (supposed)shortage on R410???? I think you can see where I'm goin here.

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    And customers think it's us that over charge them,
    because we want to be rich.

    Other then golf,
    This has to be one of the hardest ways to make an easy living.
    If you try to fail, and succeed.
    Which have you done ?

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    And customers think it's us that over charge them,
    because we want to be rich.

    Yea we should all compair how much money we made last year by overcharging our customers

    Its to bad they dont all realise how much is actually involved in installing a system correctly

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    As far as I can see, you have three choices.

    1. Charge accordingly.
    2. Dont charge enough.
    3. overcharge or gouge.

    By either folling the latter 2, you will surely not last long in business. Price increases and more costly materials are a fact of life. It just so happens we are entering a point where inflation is taking hold again. Many of the youger set simply havent experienced inflation before and many of us middle aged barely remember the late 70's and early 80's when we went through it then. It is indeed cyclical.

    Tell the yoots of today how there were lines at the gas pump, tell them how you bought your home at 14% interest and that was a bargain rate that was variable.

    Yeah the price of r-410A is currently higher than we pay for R-22, but consider that R-22 may just get a little more pricey in the future. Consider the price of metal, the price of copper, the price of transportation.

    So you can either pass the costs along and succeed or convince yourself that it is somehow your responsibility to cover the changes in the industry and overall global inflation and think about who you want to work for nex year at this time. I suppose taking advantage of customers is an option but not a good one as it usually doesnt last long and somehow you have to sleep at night.

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    Remember, all, that there are some current R134A production problems.

    When these get resolved, it will probably come back down.

    Also, the more R410 that gets into the market, the less the price will be. Economics 101 - supply and demand .......

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