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    New invention to retrofit blower time delay in 5 minutes

    Hi Folks,

    I have just introduced a new product called XXXXX. It attaches to the thermostat, or can be tucked into the wall. XXXXX can be installed in 5 minutes inside the home. It requires no maintanence and has no batteries. XXXXXX can add a fixed time or variable time to the blower fan after the compressor turns off. It increases the energy efficiency in older systems that simple turn off the blower at the same time as the compressor. Blowing air after the compressor stops extracts residual coolness from the already cold evaporator coil.

    XXXXXX is also great in hot and dry climates. Running a longer blower time evaporates the water that has condensed on the evaporator coil much like a swamp cooler. This adds extra coolness to the home and increases the time between cooling cycles. This saves your customers every month they run their A/C system.

    I am interested in any feedback from this community. I would also be interested in connecting with folks to run some units in the field.

    XXXXXX is being evaluated by PG&E and SCE in California.

    I think it might make a great reason to call on your customer list and make some money on the sale of the unit and the installation.

    There is wholesale pricing for industry professionals.

    I am not a scammer, just an electrical engineer solving a problem.

    Please let me know what you think.

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    I'm located in North East PA and experience a lot of problems mainly during the cooling season where customers complain their 2nd floor is so much hotter but don't want to run manual fan 24/7. This sounds like something I'd like to try with a few customers.

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    Welcome aboard. You will find this site very useful. But i must warn you, read the rules. There are specific rules about advertising products!

    I would e-mail Penton, the owner of the site and talk advertising with them. Click the "contact us" link at the bottom of the page.

    Welcome aboard and sounds like a nice invention.


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    we've had fixed timers for 30 years, what's new?
    It`s better to be silent and thought the fool; than speak and remove all doubt.

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    many thermostats have this as a built in feature

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    Welcome to the site, good luck with your endeavors!

    The statement below is my signature and just my overall feeling towards our industry and does not necessarily pertain to you nor this thread.

    There really isn't a legitimate excuse for not doing the job correctly!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bridgerman View Post

    I am not posting to advertise, just make people aware of a solution that they may not be aware exists. I am just inventor trying to solve problems, not a big company plugging a product that everyone already knows about. Please don't boot me!

    Unfortunately you will be booted if you continue to break our rules. If you noticed, I not only removed your last posts but I removed the url link in your profile.

    Doesn't matter who you are or what you are doing it is still called Spam.

    Suggest you join the community via posting in conversations (leaving out your invention) and apply for Pro Membership. Only after that can you put your link into your profile and or your signature. If the membership is curious about your product then they can contact you.

    This is all that can be done unless you are willing to contact our owners and purchase advertisement space.

    Sorry, but it is the rules.

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    Got it....thanks

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