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    Yes sir, I love working in the local birdhouse. We pulled the a coil out last fall and had to take it to the car wash to clean all the disgusting filth out of it(coil was icing) Built new return with more filter area and I'll be da#### if the idiots didn't run it without filters for a while cause someone didn't go to the store and get new ones. Guess what ...... Yep, furnace was going off on high to go in the loud stinking crap hole again and pull the coil and car wash again. Just venting, thanks for listening......I feel better now!!! I still love it, although sometimes I wonder why.

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    Just make sure you charge them accordingly.

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    I've heard of visiting a cathouse,but what's a bird house?

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    Maybe buy them a box of filters? I know you shouldn't have to, but it'd beat goin back again.

    Or just let a couple cats loose in there, that should reduce the bird dander problem.

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    This time put in a set of those nice henry ball valves & some service valves on the coil side! make it easier the next time.
    I had a few bakerys with flour plugged coils,the first time i tried to push it out with nu brite, lol thatwas a joke. i too made a trip to the car wash.
    seems the equipment abusers allways ***** about the cost to repair.
    Bust em in the azz !

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    always learning, a birdhouse is a house that raises and sells birds.....parrots, macows and other exotic birds.
    captain rat, great idea on the valves.....could make this a regular maintenance thing. I've been going in there so much that I am trying to teach the birds how to sound like a chicken...........ha ha ha ha could you imagine the buyers surprise when their prized bird starts clucking like a chicken? YES THAT'S MY REVENGE!

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