I see a lot of advice on asking the contractor to do a manual J... Why is that????
If I was a kinda sorta customer...and knew that they had such an animal..... Why ask about them? If a contractor comes in and does not do one, Why would ya want him to do the job? I went to a class the other day..and I am going to borrow their speal... Take a piece of paper and cut out 3 pictures of houses in it. One is 1 inch in size the other is 2 and the last one 3 inches tall. Then when you cut them out you will have 3 holes in it different sizes... Then take it out to the curb.... hold it up to the house and look thru it and see which one the house fits in. Thats the size ya need. (the one inch is 60,000 btu the second is 80,000 btu etc) Kind of ridiculous aint it? Another thing is... if he isn't counting vents and looking at the duct, thats the first indication something is wrong. I have saw myself lose bids because I was as much as 2 tons too high.... and they want me to match ol 2 ton charlies equipment or bid... Sorry when I have a manual J and he has his picture if even that who's right? I will not go off other peoples bids... What really impresses me is the 120,000 btu furnace but only needs 1 1/2 ton of air... hmmmmmm Anyway if you have to twist someone's arm to do their job right....... WHAT ARE YOU GONNA MISS THAT THEY DON'T DO, THAT YOU DON'T HAVE A CLUE ABOUT??? Say for instance a 3/8 gas line on LP hooked up running a water heater, oven etc. Oh the last one worked that way!!! When you get bids just sit back and watch and see what the contractor does then. Don't tell him what to do!!! These furnaces and A/C's take care of your family day in and day out but you want to spend nothing on them, then come here and scratch your head of what went wrong. Some cost more because of QUALITY ISSUES too..... Remember that. Cadillacs will NOT EVER cost what an escort does.