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    I've used peppermint scent to find the general area of the leak. Use the strong stuff from the drug store. It's about $9 per oz. Don't get it anywhere but in the pipe, or you will smell it every where.

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    Talking Gas Piping

    Loctite is not code because it set up it also prone to leaks over time.And if you use the locktite that is FOR pipe fitting the stuff will never let go.I have run into some retro jobs where I have crushed 1 1/4" black pipe and then and only then might the threads break loose.SO no problem then you say.Well if your lucky that day and you don't crush the pipe and it come undone all you have to worry about is the fact that there is not any threads left.Because the stuff is britel and the little tiny pieces get stuck between the male and female end and gauls the
    sh!t out of the soft fitting!!Yep good idea.You a cresent wrench and a screw driver.......I R can FIX anything under the tree in the back yard!!!!

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