Hey Fellas,

The quick and dirty:

I live in Atlanta

House built in 79.

2 Stories (2nd story is half as big as first story)

On a slab.

It has 2 behemoth furnaces in the attic and 2 AC units outside.

All units are original material - 26 years old.

Heating bills: $ 375 - $ 475 /mo

Cooling: Maybe $ 100 less than that

I have been talking to other clueless homeowners like myself about their bills. They have all kinds of wild reactions when I tell them mine.

I have decided to replace my current system(s). I have read here and there that it's smarter to "service" current units until they die, rather than replace them. My math causes me to draw a different conclusion.

I don't know why I have 2 of everything. It seems crazy to me. And, my suspicion is that if I replace them with one furnace and one AC unit, the Higher Power of your choice only knows how much duct reworking will have to be done.

If I want to replace my current albatrosses what kind of trouble am I going to run into ? Am I crazy to think that I shouldn't have 2 of everything ? Would you imagine that the ducts will be a major thing ?

What else do you think and what else would you advise ?