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    wish to hear ops other than cost on variable speed blower who's been working on them and how do they compare?

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    They use less electricity to run = less money to run.

    They gradually ramp on and off so initial start/stop is not as noticeable.

    They operate at lower noise levels than typical PSC motors so they are pleasing to the ear.

    I know you mentioned "other than price." But that is the most glaring downfall is price if yours should happen to fail after the warranty is expired. Other than that, they are a good product.

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    We've had customers mention a "drafty feeling" when the blower is running on low... My experience is that these complaints generally come from older customers, many who have switched from old oversized oil furnaces.

    Plus side = operating costs are much lower and possible local or state rebates or tax credits.

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    Office and warehouse in both Crystal River & New Port Richey ,FL
    With the right controls,VS can produce warmer air from a heat pump ,dehumidify better in the summer,and even "run" just to dehumidify,if needed.

    Check out Carriers Infinty control system on the net,or call a local dealer.

    Do a "search" on this site ,key word "Infinity"and see what other homeowners think of their Infinity System!!

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    We sell alot even where the gas bill is included in condo fee,due to noise of non-variable fan.
    It's NOT the BRAND,it's the company that installs it!!!!!

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    the vs is not all that new trane was useing it in the early 90s
    have put in a lot of them and had may 2 problems out of a 100 units. these were caused by dirty cheapm filters not being changed and the blower getting full of dirt and dust
    very good and reliable motors

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