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    I have a CSI INET 7700 controling my cooling towers,the towers has just been replaced.There is a reduction of the number of fans from eight to six with the new tower that I will edit in the program.As with the old towers there are two sump pumps (2 close circuit towers).The staging set up is all dampers pump1/fan1/2/3/4/ pump2/fan5/6/7/8.My question is would it be better to bring on the second tower pump on after the first tower pump than bring on the fans?The tower is in Connecticut so it does run in the dry mode.

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    Depends on what you are trying to achieve. Most cost effective (energy) sequence, equal run times, capacity, etc? What are the specs on the new equipment? Talk to the engineer who spec'd the new equipment - there should be spec for SOO.

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    I agree with ps, check the Seq of Op. When running in the dry mode, something we don't see much in the Southeast, the fans may kick on too late. The delay between pump stage and fan stage might have to be adjusted (or zeroed out) for dry operation.

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