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    I am putting a infloor system in a house that is about three years old. Putting pex tube down on the basement slab. I want to know what would be the best to coverthe tube. I was thinking something like gypcrete or if anyone has other ideas.
    And anything I need to watch of for.

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    Oh Eddy..what you are getting ready to do is spend lots of
    money and get very little back on your investment.

    You would be better serve with going with some type of dry system where you could get some insulation under the tubes.

    Good luck with your project,I wish you all the best.

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    eddy, if you want to save a little money put electric baseboard in your basement. But, if infloor is what you crave. Put some 2x4's on their side and shoot them down with a powder gun. Then put foamboard between them. Tack your PEX tubing to the sides and put a plywood floor over the top. I have done this in a couple of houses and it works great.
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    you`ll probably fair better here
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