Hello Everyone,

I've owned my home for a little over a year now and it has central gas heating with a closet that holds the heater.

Some problems have risen since using it this year. A few that have made me turn off the pilot light and keep it switched off.

Here are the problems starting with the most problematic.

1. The heater will heat up to whatever I set it to (IE: 71F degrees), then the flames in the heater turn off but the blower keeps blowing. The only way I can get it to stop is if i pound on the heater itself. Turns right off.

2. When the temp starts to drop and it senses to turn back on again, i hear the flames turn on but I hear something ticking maybe 4-5 times then the blower turns on. Various times I will hear it tick 4 times followed by a BANG sound then the blower turns on.

I have shut everything down and have since been using a electric plug in the wall heater. I've called a repairman in to come over next week but since I found this awesome site I figured i'd ask the pros and see if I could fix this puppy myself.

Thanks in advance.