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    burlington county n.j.
    never saw a/c that small. would have to be high temp refrig

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    out of curiousity, how did you come up with 2000 btu's?

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    i know that i am going to screw up my computer but hey no pain no gain. i am new with this but i am learning as i go along. so any help will be appreciated. And you you who is saying that how I got 2000 Btu. here is what I am looking for.
    I am working on making a cooling system for a pc placed in enclosure of 2' * 2' * 1'. its a 330 W computer placed inside the enclosure. but i use my computer outside so i need to consider the humidity and heat factor. I am designing for the worst and saying that the outside temp is 105 oF and 100% humidity. i need to bring the humidity down to 50% when the air enters the enclosure. and the temperature need to be kept at or below 70 oF. My calculation tell me that i need about 2000 BtuH cooling system.

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    This sounds like a good application for some Peltier (Thermoelectric) devices.

    Don't know what the rating are on those.

    There is a Peltier based CPU cooler, which is really the most critical item.

    And here is some of selling parts.

    And here is some more info.

    ALL STANDARD DISCLAIMERS, Just the first few links that found on google.

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    Only unit I've ever seen less then 5K BTU's are the portable units that have a dryer vent hose exhaust and a tank to catch condensate. I think they're more $ then a 5K window shaker. You building an outdoor Kiosk or something?
    These would probably be great since you could put the whole unit inside the enclosure and just vent the exhausr and run a drain line hose out the bottom. Walmart, appliance stors, Home Depot, etc carry them plus plenty of on-line places.

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