We recently had and new heating and air conditioning system installed by a licensed hvac contractor. He installed the following equipment:

Goodman Furnace GMS90703BXA
Goodman Condenser CLQ36-1
Goodman Coil CAPX037B2C

We decided to go with a 14 SEER A/C because our contractor said it qualifies for a $425 rebate from our electric company. He wrote on his original proposal “Equipment Qualifies for $425 energy rebate”.

Well, I am now applying for the rebate and found out that the coil/condenser combo does not have an ARI number. I spoke with Goodman and they confirmed that this combination had not been tested.

I spoke with the contractor a few days ago asking for an ARI number but have not heard back from him. Any suggestions on what I should do? Should I have him replace the coil? He did a good job on the install so I don’t want to have him lose money, but we had been told that the equipment he installed would qualify for a rebate.

Thanks for any suggestions.