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    We recently had and new heating and air conditioning system installed by a licensed hvac contractor. He installed the following equipment:

    Goodman Furnace GMS90703BXA
    Goodman Condenser CLQ36-1
    Goodman Coil CAPX037B2C

    We decided to go with a 14 SEER A/C because our contractor said it qualifies for a $425 rebate from our electric company. He wrote on his original proposal “Equipment Qualifies for $425 energy rebate”.

    Well, I am now applying for the rebate and found out that the coil/condenser combo does not have an ARI number. I spoke with Goodman and they confirmed that this combination had not been tested.

    I spoke with the contractor a few days ago asking for an ARI number but have not heard back from him. Any suggestions on what I should do? Should I have him replace the coil? He did a good job on the install so I don’t want to have him lose money, but we had been told that the equipment he installed would qualify for a rebate.

    Thanks for any suggestions.

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    He should make it right,and it should be a "matched" rated system.

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    Yes he should make it right. Sometimes it is supply house people too giving unmatched or incorrectly matched equipment but ultimately thats the contractors fault for taking their word so now I see it in black and white is where you can look up all the matches. Also sometimes with newer models they have not yet gotten their ARI rating yet which if thats the case here you may have to wait a few months or sometimes the utility will accept the Manufacturers spec sheet that list the proposed seer ratings for ARI but states it is not yet rated by ARI.

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