Running through the HVAC-Calc program before I get estimates for a new furnace, and have a couple of questions.

Our basement is not really heated - there are a few vents down there but we keep them shut off. Temp usually hovers between 55 and 65 depending on the season. When running through the calcs I assume this would be considered an unheated basement even though there are a few registers down there?

I also assume I don't need to include the basement itself in the load calc - unless we had intentions of running more duct work and fully heating the basement?

And finally - we eventually plan to finish off the basement (1800sf). Right now I really don't have intentions of ever keeping the basement heated all the time but would put some type of supplemental heating down there - possibly electric basboards? Would it make sense to do that or size the new furance to be able handle the basement. That seems to me like it would be a waste unless you planned on using the basement as a fulltime living space - plus you'd have to add zoning right?

What do you guys think?