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Thread: unico piping

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    we are cosidering the unico heating and air system. we are concerned with the cold weather here in nj. has anyone heard of any problems with it ( the water coil system) what type of piping do you prefer the copper or the "pex"? we were told you have to put glycol in the system if installed in the attic?? any help comments etc would be greatly appreciated. thanks

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    we have many unico units here in jersey
    the ones with hot water coils in attics or any where else
    we install a 3 way zone valve with constant flow in the pipes. water flows up the supply pipe to the coil and if valve is closed bypasses the coil and back threough the return line. when valve opens deverted tthrough the coil then to return line back. there is an aquastat on the line to maintain a certain water temp at all times so the coil heats up instantly so no cold is blowing through the system till the water is heated. these systems work well

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