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    HVAC installer installed yesterday Trave XV80 with RobertShaw 9600 thermostat.

    While reading manual I came to know that the XV80 is 2 stage furnace but the 9600 is single stage thermostat.

    Talked with the installer and he mentioned that with single stage thermostat the XV80 will initially run for
    10 minutes at single stage and if the temperature doesnot rise up to the desired level then the second
    stage will kick in so functionality is not changed in anyway.

    Talked to Trane Support and they told me that the only benefit of 2 stage thermostat is that if the
    temperature differential is high i.e if room temperature is 60 and I want 70 then the thermostat can signal
    the Trane XV80 to directly go to second stage instead of going into first stage for 10 min and then later to
    second stage. It will kind of shorten the time to heat the house to desired level of 70 if a 2 stage thermostat is used.

    Once temperature reaches 70 and after that to maintain the temperature the Trane will any way run in second stage when temperature falls below 1 degree.

    Is it worth it to have the installer change the thermostat to two stage and change the wiring accordingly

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    Absolutley go with the 2 stage t-stat. The furnace is not truly a 2-stage without it. Some installers are a bit lazy and don't want to change the wire for the new stat. It should have been in the bid to do it.
    If it ain't broke don't fix it!!

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    Definitely. Why spend the money on 2 stage just to cripple it with the timer on the board stepping up after 10 minutes and staying there for a short time. The comfort of a 2 stage is in a long, gentle run cycle on a cold day. All you get with a timer is short cycling between off, low & high.

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    your dealer should have told you the differences.... a single stage stat will give ten min on low.. then go to high if its not satisfied...... Kind of like this.. two stage thermostats... say its about zero outside and you drop two degrees furnace kicks on high......then low.... then high if the temp of the house does not stay up for the duration.......either way is acceptable but you should have been explained how they both work.... expense of wiring??? no I have never heard that..... If you feel the need to call Trane etc. your grandma whatever..... Why did you have that dealer in your house if you won't listen to him? Thermostat manufacturer's put on the box not compatible with 2 stage furnaces when actually they are, doesn't help. Kind of like B is C and C is B or sometimes C is C and B is B.... confusing? Tell your dealer you want the 2 stage stat, if thats what you want.....

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    I have an XV80 with a single stage stat, but the furnace does it's 2 speed change after a certain amount of time. I asked my AC guys about getting a 2 stage thermostat and they said that my units are not truly 2 stage. I can't find any obvious place on the control boards to connect the second stage wire. Is the XV80 truly a 2 stage unit? Or can it be put together with single stage insides?

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    Get a 2-stage stat, I have it in my home, and I am very happy with it! Friend says the house is warm in all room, even downstairs.


    What is the model #? If you know it is an XV80, then Yes it is a TRUE 2=stage furnace. If it doesn't change cycle, then he may not have it set up to run 2-stage.. He may have set up to go into high fire right away.

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    W1 is for first stage W2 is the second stage.... I don't put in the XV 80 around here we use the 90's but should be the same. W1 and W2 are jumpered when using a single stage stat.

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    So as not to hijack dinjal546's thread completely, I've moved my question to a new thread HERE thank you!

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