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    Installer installed Honeywell F50 (16X20) EAC over the
    Trane XV80 furnace instead of installing it in the return path
    due to lack of space.

    Will the hot Air from furnace cause the efficiency of the EAC to fall.

    I am worried that when Xv80 is in full blast it may blow the
    dust particles back in to the ducts.

    Any comments.


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    I dont recall ever seeing this.
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    The air will be moving at the same volun=me and speed anywhere i the main trunks,don't think it will blow stuff off the EAC.

    I'd be concerned at the dirt/stuff going thru the blower wheel and furnace,that has not been filtered at all.The main purpose is to protect the equipment,and second improve indoor air quality,the main one is being missed 100%.

    Not positive,about the "hot" air ,bt don't think it will effect it.

    I assume you do not have a cooling coil,and don't plan to add one.

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    Always install the EAC in the return duct. I'm looking at an installation manual for honeywell EAC right now.

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    I have a normal filter in the return path something like an
    3M Filterete 600 (Merv 8) or ony Merv 6 filter which will
    block a lot of big particles from Blower.

    A side question. Will the above filters cause any excess


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    I donot plan to add air conditioner so no cooling coil.

    Ideally according to manual it is better to put it into the return air path but since I did not have space in return air path, will putting it in direct hot air path cuase more problems than solving any.


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    3M's,load-up fast,and can be way to restrictive.

    Without a cooling coil,your system is likely less restrictive than most,but I'd caution you about that brand.

    To be safe,I'd have the ESP(external static pressure) tested and compared to the mfrs. fan chart,to see how your air flow is.

    Or check the "temperature rise " thru the furnace,compared to the required rise.

    3M's can need changing in a week,I'd test the system,temperature rise weekly,to see how often it needs changing.Or switch to a "pleated media" filter,4 or 5" thick,and sized large enough for your system.

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    Post EAC

    I disagree on the same velocity for the return as the supply... The return is larger and is moving the CFM but not as fast, it's stepped up and forced out under staic pressure thru the supply. In addition the EAC has a screen prefilter, I see this also as a problem I donot see the EAC doing it's job with tht kind of turbulent air flow.

    Also the EAC has a power supply, tht will be subject to extreme tempertures thru confection. Although the power supply is off the the side can you just imagine how hot those cells are going to get... Geeez the smell alone too...

    I think you better call Honeywell and aska them, to many differencing opionions here.

    I would never allow an EAC installed on top of the furnace supply, never!

    AllTemp Heating & Cooling

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    I've never installed one in the supply,but not sure it's a big no-no.

    The EAC ,is a certain size,the cfm is the same in the return duct as the supply duct,so the velocity will be the same as it goes thru the EAC.

    Now,if hacked in with no transition,etc.,etc.,turbulence will be a factor,of course the same applies with a hack job in the return duct.

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    1)void warrantiy on EAC is not installed according to
    2)restrictions can cause high heat rise and heat exchanger
    to overheat and fail early, furnace warranty could be
    voided because of improper installation
    3)filter could be difficult to change or service because
    of flue pipe
    4)would you really want this installer responsible for the
    saftey of your family (he probably sealed gas lines with
    duct tape)
    causing premature

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    darn fingers

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