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    Pellet stove...scared to buy

    A few weeks ago I was searchign for brands to consider. The 2 sites I found were both saying only buy Harman adn QF. Now, after settling on a local place that deals with QF, we decided on the Mount Vernon AE.

    After reading serveral posts here, I am not sure that is a good idea with a almost $6000 installed stove.

    So my question is: IS there a brand that has does not break down all the time adn the company stands behind them?

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    i just installed a qf castile insert for a customer. i did have trouble and found it was the board. i contacted my dealer and they said come pick one up. this is the first time i have had a problem with these. as far as i see, i don't think they are proned to breakdowns.

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    pellet stove

    I bout an Englander Pellet insert and really like it .... They need to be serviced every year so if you buy one you need to ubderstand the cost of maintenance .... Im on my 3rd season with no problems .....The only thing I might do different is look for one with a quiet blower ..... Mine is an insert and is located in a living room around the tv .... which can be consern .... A stove may not need the blower and might be better ....Id look at those two things as also service from who you make your purchase from ... Also pellet stoves can produce carbon monoxide which means you should have a co detector in your home .....
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    We have not had any problems with the AE units for the past couple years. If you have a good dealer who communicates with Quadrafire properly they do stand behind their products. I have had a Field Engineer come to a couple visits with me on the AE units a while back to help troubleshoot difficult problems. We got them all resolved and as far as I know all our Mt Vernon AE customers are happy.

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    I think the three biggest thing with the stoves is:
    1. Keep them cleaned.
    2. Keep them cleaned.
    3. Keep them cleaned.
    The fourth is don't put anything but pellets in the hopper.

    Even so, you need to expect you will get terrible service and support on any issues. That being stated, I think you need to find out now if you can directly get parts for your stove if necessary. If you cannot, I'd suggest a different model for sure. Find out if the tech support department has common troubleshooting tools like a mult-meter. Physically LOOK inside their service vehicle if you have to. Find out if they stock any parts whatsoever.

    I think with your Mount Vernon choice that Quadrafire has done considerable R&D on past customers so probably it is more stable purchase. I have a Castile, know a Harmon owner and my stove is more basic but has been just slightly more reliable. Also, I have someone I know with a Harmon Accentra and they like that very well also.

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    I bought a St. Croix about 4 years ago and have not had any problems. Like sysint said you have to keep it cleaned out or it will not perform properly. I did the install myself and spent about $2600 total. We have it in the basement and love it. The other thing you need to be aware of is having space to store the pellets. I buy about 3 tons for the winter months which takes up about a 3 1/2 by 8 foot area. Good luck.

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    My buddy bought 1 at the beginning of the winter, and had me install it for him. It is an insert located in his living room. 1800 sqf cape. heats the whole house very well. avg cost 150 a month about half of his old oil bill cost. just keep it clean!!

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    I would install a ductless split hyper heat system
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    I installed a pellet stove in my buddy's house a few yrs ago, it was one sold at menards. He seems to be happy with it . I installed a hampton woodburning stove insert in my own house last year. I went with wood cause it can be gotten cheaper than pellets.

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