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    Thanks for the info and advice.

    Yes, I'm aware of the Cool Cash rebate. I just saw it on Carrier's website the other day. Waiting for a rebate program like this is one of the reasons I didn't decide to get a new system a few months ago when I got the quote for the Infinity system. I saw that Carrier had a rebate program last fall and was hoping they would have another in the spring.

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    I used to work with a hvac contractor ( who will remain nameless) who was contracted to American Home shield. Home warrantys are a rip off all they do is deny claims and make the homeowner pay for it. The guy i worked for couldn't make any $ doin work for AHS. The only ppl gettin rich are AHS. Good luck with IT
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    I've had 6 parts replaced in the previous 4 service claims I've had with AHS over the past 18 months. I've (so far) had no problems with AHS.

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    Thats great.

    Originally posted by takeflight

    I've downloaded the demo version of the program and will give it a try before deciding to buy.
    That great takeflight, I am confident you'll find HVAC-Calc all I have said it would be...

    Regarding discounts an HW , we provide our HW customers a substancial discount on their upgraded systems.

    As I posted previously we do a high volume with a warranty company don't have any complaints our average ticket is $130.00 a call, that puts us up to the top and more work than we could possible handle. That averag is on 10+ calls daily, were making money. I think what troubles some techs is geographic , we do quaility work both privately and for home warranty.

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    I will say this........ manual J is good idea...... what I'm wondering is, how come these guys don't know what one is? Its not that hard...... What I'm wondering is....are they thinking that your gonna be lookin over their shoulder when you tell em what you want? Are you giving the impression that you'll never be satisfied? Example.... A woman that likes to read was my biggest headache tryin to make her happy.... Funny thing was she read stuff wrong... wanted to tip the furnace back..... wrong....etc etc... I am one of those guys that insist you will have right air flow...... it will be installed right, or I won't do it... If you have 50 questions I'll answer em all..... but if you know more than it yourself is my opinion. What I'm getting at is, let them do their job and evaluate them on that...... If no manual J...don't use em... You can't force it down their throat.... I do manual J's on EVERY bid, if they don't...... DON'T USE EM!!! What gets me goin is you do a manual J and they give it to the guys that don't have a clue..... and the cheap equipment boys. But ya win some ya lose some.

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    I have no intention of going with the lowest bidder. I want a contractor to do the job that I feel has the skill and knowledge to do the job correctly. I've got the only Carrier Distinguished Dealer in my area coming out to do an estimate Monday afternoon. I figured they were a good place to start short of throwing darts at a phone book. They said they will do a load calculation. I will wait to see what they do when they come out and go from there. At the very least, the person I dealt with on the phone was 100% more customer friendly than the other company I've recently dealt with. Very professional. Hopefully that will continue with the person that comes out to my house.

    Right now I'm running on emergency heat only and I'm probably not going to like my next electric bill. At least this didn't happen a month or two ago when it was really cold.

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