I'll refrain from naming the contractor (at least for now). Anyway, I'm located in the western suburbs of Philadelphia and I've been having countless problems with my 15 year old York heat pump. All the problems have been taken care of via AHS Warranty which the seller's purchased (and I've renewed once) since I bought my home. I've had 5 service calls and 6 different parts replaced in 18 months. Each service call was $50 and I paid $412 to renew the warranty for a second year (which I'm 6 months into at this point). One of the 5 service calls I didn't have to pay the $50 deductable because it was a "RECALL" service call only a few weeks from the last call. Anyway, I really don't have bad words for AHS at this time because certainly I would have spend more for labor and parts then the $612 I've paid to date between renewing the warranty and paying the deductable on 4 occasions. This includes the motor, starter capacitor and fan blade for the air handler, and the motor, fan blade and defrost module for the outside unit and no less than 9-10 technician visits to my house between diagnosis and replacement of parts (usually each service call required two visits).

Anyway, I just had to state my fairly positive experience with AHS considering all the negative experiences. However, all the information I've read on this forum about AHS and the "lowest-bidder" information regarding parts and contractors had already convinced me that I wasn't going to renew the warranty again this year. And that takes me to the main point of the post. My latest problem is that my heat pump runs constantly. The tech said the entire outside unit needs to be replaced. Now, I don't know for sure whether the entire unit replacement is going to get approved or not but regardless of whether it is approved or if they just try to fix it by replacing a part I'm going to cash out and use whatever little bit of money I get and put it towards a new system. I should state at this point that the same local contractor has always been dispatched for each of my service claims through AHS. The last problem I had a few months ago I got a quote for a new Carrier Infinity heat pump system from this contractor. However, at that time I was very leary of the fact that they seemed unwilling to do more than ask me basic questions about my house (sq. ft.) and quote me a new system based on that limited information and based on the old heat pump currently in my house. However, I wasn't seriously plannig to get a new heat pump then and left it at that. So, at least I had a ballpark price that I could use to compare with another contractor.

So, (are you sick of reading yet?) fast-forward to about 30 minutes ago when I'm on the phone with the contractor trying to find out the status of the recent service claim (I've never had any contact with AHS in any of my service claims except for when I opened the claim). I stated that my intention was to cash out instead of getting a replacement part or unit. We then discussed a few other things (all the while it sounds like he's trying his hardest to get me off the phone because he's too busy). Then I state that my intention is to get a quote from another company to compare and he didn't have much response to that. And then right before ending the phone call I said, "you might remember me from a few months ago when I said I felt you needed to perform a ACCA Manual J load calculation and that I would like that to be done if I'm going to have your company install my new heat pump." He kind of half laughs and then says something like "well, weren't not going to be able to do that". And I say, "so you are saying you can't do this for me?". And he says something like "No, we can't". And that was the end of the conversation. Needless to say, I won't be using this company. And this is all due to this forum. I have not contacted any other contractors yet and I'm hoping this is not the norm. I really hope that I can find someone that knows what I'm talking about when I say I want a Manual J load calc done and doesn't laugh and essentially tell me to get lost. I can't believe a company would rather lose business then provide something that seems like it's a reasonable service to provide to customers.

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