Had a pretty busy morning with two maintenance calls and 2 service calls with A/C's not cooling. I had to go over to Johnstone supply and pick up a cheap leak detector (I can't wait until I have enough money in my tool account for a good leak detector). Anyways, had to get up in the attic and pull the coil doors off to search for a leak. This was after I put soap bubbles/ leak detector fluid on the outside welds by the AC. Leak detector started screaming near the bottom right of the coil. The coil is 13 years old and is out of warranty.

The customer has 3 options at this point:

1) Keep paying outrageous R22 freon prices and put 3-4lbs of freon in it per year.

2) Replace the R22 coli and keep the current R22 AC as well.

3) Replace the coil and the AC with new R410A refrigerants.

I never like telling anyone how to spend their money, but at this point as old as the AC unit is I advised that it may be best to change both; however, I made it clear to the customer that I would inform them of the pro's and con's to both and let them make the decision over the weekend.