Just a quick greeting with my first post.

I heard about this website from my brother who is also in the field. After looking around, decided this would be a great place to join. I went to a tech school back around 2000, and got a job as a helper before finishing the degree. Worked as a helper for a while, and was given a chance at being a service tech. I did that for a few years, and after an injury moved to another company. There I did some installantion work, before eventually moving to another field of work. Stayed with that company about 5 years, and had to look for work.....long 18 months...and finally came back to HVAC. Decided I wanted to do control work, and went got my Niagara cert. Which is where I am at now, learning more about controls, automation and how it all intergrates together.

Looking forward to asking questions and joining conversations