Greetings All,
My name is Greg i am a 29yr old male. Been in the trade 8-9years; specializing in commercial sheet metal installation & fabrication. I have moderate experience in controls & refrigeration and currently working towards gaining my contractors license in the state of California. I joined to HVAC-TALK community to strengthen my service/refrigeration skills & further my sheet metal my knowledge. Also as a future 'business owner' I hope to gain some great business knowledge while a making some new friends.

My interest in the HVAC industry came from a family member that always pushed me into looking for opportunities in the trade. 8 years later, now a foreman in Commercial HVAC Install & very eager to continue to grow and become knowledgeable in more than just install. While at the same time not letting my sheet metal experience go to waste I plan become self-employed and continue install while increasing my technical knowledge on the side. anyways.. thanks for reading.. and happy thanksgiving to all!