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Well, I did it -- I took the first real step into the HVAC field. Yesterday I signed up for an online course at Ashley College to get my HVAC certification.

I'll probably get kicked for revealing this, but my primary motivation for getting into the field is to help our residential rental business save money. Our margins are thin, and way too much of it gets blown on HVAC issues. Not complaining about honest folks in an honest industry doing their job, but it really bites when we have to pay for service and replacements.

I want to do my own work, just as I already do for electrical, plumbing, and construction. Then, who knows? Maybe I'll branch out to friends, family, neighbors, and other folks. I'll leave open the possibility of starting another business just for HVAC.

Anyway, I'm very excited about learning something new and useful. Looking forward to gaining knowledge from those who have been there and done that before.

rquad, glad to have you on the site! For a real first step you might want to follow pierre1811 to the ARP section of the main menu. If he starts talking about flying condensers with those guys, it will be more than a kicking. He's gonna need some backup .

Cause a small distraction for him. You might want to share YOUR STORY with them.