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    I connect to the Facilitator / N30 with a null modem cable
    I then run ProComm Plus
    Very routine,No problems

    New computer has no RS-232 ports

    It has the following portsI
    A USB 2.0 and the new small USB connections
    an Ethernet / RJ-45 female port

    I have bad luck with the USB / RS-232 adaptor
    (computer cant find the device)
    Is there:
    1) An Ethernet to RS-232 adaptor cable
    2) Can I use a patch cable to connect facilitator N-30
    3) Can I run Pro Comm with the USB/ RS-232 adaptor

    Thank You

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    Does your USB to serial adapter allow you to number it as a port low enopugh for your program to use it. ?

    If it does you should be able to assign it a port number that your program wants to see,I am not that familiar with pro comm but I have had problems where a dos program would not recognize it even as a port number , I picked up a program called Virtual PC, and used it for the old DOS programs, it will allow a USB to serial connection, numbered as a serial port to be used by a DOS program.

    Don't know if this is pertinent,

    I use a Belkin F5U103 USB to serial adapter, then run A virtual drive with DOS as the OS and choose the number port that it is connected to, this program will also take care of any display issues that some DOS programs have on newer computers.

    looks like this model is no longer available,which one do you have ?

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    Does your computer have a pcmcia card slot? most people have better luck with pcmcia to RS232 cards than with the USB ones.
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    I'm thinking his program doesn't recognize it, i'm not sure if that is what he means or just that his computer won't. Some old programs won't recognize it even if the computer does, they just don't see the USB port.

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    S squared innovations inc. makes a USB to N2/rs-232 adapter, model number s2usb485 , , its pretty nice, just install the drivers and assign the device to com port 1 or 2. I've been using it for n2 communication almost exclusively for the past couple of months, but am not sure about the rs-232 comm... may or may not be null modem... Hope this is useful...

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    can I make a cross over cable(Null Modem)
    Ethernet (RJ 45) to RS232
    The rs-232 only uses two wires


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    Unfortuneately there is no stand alone cable
    I have to use a serial /usb adaptor , and
    install a device driver

    Thank You

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