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    how is the control wiring for these units?? it similar to the Carrier Infinity, 2 wire comm system, or is it modular, like the Honeywell Pro 8000's??
    I had a customer once that "insisted" that a similar control "disfunction" was apparent, yet, while we were there, nothing struck us as being out of place...just asking, and I'll give you the rest of the story....

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    is there a separate meter just for the geothermal so you know to the kw what you are actually using? Or are these just estimates?
    If you can not do it right, Why even do it at all?

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    The highest electric bill with the unit not running at all is 50.00 those were my bills I can hear the unit kick on and watch my lights dim. but when it was checked out they claim it was working above expectations. I have thought about just putting a meter to register the amount the geo unit alone uses But I have allready spent A lot on this thing

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    I am not from states, nor do I have any relationship with any involved, however I do have some level of expertise within this field. (I do not know your system at all, but that does not matter)
    I do not like to see unhappy costumers.
    I am struggling a little with what you think your problem with.

    So clarify

    Your contractor, gave an estimate on how much power/cost you would use in a typical year for heating and cooling your house (was your domestic hot water included in this)

    The unit has now been running for time. "Does it keep you warm or cool when required?"

    Now you have had some power bills, these bill are higher than you expected and/or higher that what was predicted by the contractor.

    Is this your complaint?

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    I have had a look at your first post.
    This indicates that you are using on average 2Kw every hour for heating your home. i do not know your home so, I can not say it this is good or bad.
    This is easy to prove if your system is working well or not.
    Do you own a hair drier?
    It will have an electrical rating on it. If lucky it will be 2Kw, more than likely slightly higher (this does not matter). So the same average power you are using.
    Place the hair drier in the middle of your home (somewhere safe) so it is just blowing into thin air.
    Now turn off your heating system, completely. "NO other heating is to be used apart from the hair drier"
    Leave like this for a week. (same power used as before)
    If your home on average stays warm (you will have a few cool spots because the air is not moving around perfectly), then there is a problem with your heating system, if you house becomes cold, then more than likely your heating system is OK.
    When the unit turns on and the light dip, this is to do with the size of your and/or neighborhood power supply
    Let us know how you went on!

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