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Thread: Going pro

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eeyess View Post
    I just figure I'll post when I can. This forum seems great. But for me there are an endless amount of places to pick up information besides HVAC-Talk. I can always go back to my book, notes, keep up with current events about the industry. Learn more about specific systems. I figure the more I know the better my post will sound and the more knowledge I'll gain while trying to get my 15 posts.
    You are right, there are lots of resources available out there, but I am excited to take a look at the training forums once I reach Pro. I also think this is fun! There is more interaction than with any reading material or webinar, and it's nice to know there are people I can talk to about HVAC stuff outside of the small circle at work... I can get the technical experience of the whole country!

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    That's the truth @Puzzler. The way I understand it, and I could be wrong but it's slightly different in different places with pressure laws and materials used. This is a good place to find that out. I'm also excited that I can talk about it and have people understand what I'm talking about.

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