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    Why is it that the SEER goes down with larger tonnage for a model line. It happens with all models. The most efficient are the 1-2 ton units. Least efficient the 5 tons. What are the physics behind this?

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    At a guess I'd say coil size. My 2 ton 13 SEER heat pump has an outdoor coil the same size as a 10 SEER 5 ton. In fact, back then Rheem used 2 coils & 2 fans to get that kind of SEER out of their larger units.

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    baffin; an easy analogy is to look at mpgs in autos. Both vehicles will achieve 55 mph, but the 4 cylinder will do it more economically than the V-8. Much like engines the larger a/c units require more electrical usage, i.e. larger motors, compressors, etc. and that results in less efficiency. You have raised an important point, and that is to be sure what efficiency YOUR system provides, you need to look at the seer rating for the exact system you have. That would be the outdoor unit matched with a specific indoor coil would produce a specific seer. You will also find that some manufacturers will achieve higher seers for their units that others.
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    I agree with irishmist, Same thing happens with High efficiency furnaces. AFUE goes down with larger model units.Some Co,s advertize 94% eff., but that may be the 40000 btu model. The 120000 btu model may be closer to 90%.
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