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    how much of the time do you open the windows? Is it more realistic to consider this a non-air-conditioned house?
    Where I grew up in Chicago my dad had a thing against air-conditioning. Felt it was expensive an unnecessary if you were just willing to tough it out for a couple of weeks, it would cool off again So my instinct is to run the AC as little as possible. But thats just not possible here. First of all my wife would send me packing if i told her she had to sweat all night long in 95% humidity and 90+ degree days in the summer which are so common around here

    So, the house is air conditioned most of the summer. Right now it's beautiful outside, low humidity and cool air until the afternoon when the temp gets upwards of 80. In the upstairs I have to shut the windows and turn on the AC in the afternoon as the house heats up, but humidity is not a problem yet. A couple of weeks from now and we'll be on fulltime AC.

    This house has 4, count em, FOUR ac units. one smaller one upstairs, one for downstairs and the rest of the house. The third one in this picture is for a sunporch/family room. The house used to have an indoor swimming pool that the previous owners filled in and turned into a wonderful family room, but needless to say it's the first to need AC...

    and then one smaller unit that just does the bonus room over the garage which is where I spend all day and where I"m sitting right now

    they are all only 5 or 6 years old I think, the previous owners did a lot of work on the house. But even after putting in all new units, they never got around to washing the mildew off the upstairs hallway vents... go figure but I have...

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    Sorry to see the previous owners were

    Tranewashed!!LOL Seriously ,lots of flexibilty with four systems.

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