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    Hi, can anyone recommend a load Calc software for residential building?

    HVAC-Calc? Elite? Residential 5.0?

    Thanks !!!!!

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    Click the bullseye at the top of the page.
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    Motion seconded for HVAC-Calc.
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    Cant beat it for the price, also if you want something different check out the Wrightsuite. Nice to have the whole package or at least J, D, Draw.

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    Thanks for your reply.
    I prepare to use Autodesk Building System 2005. I have no idea about this actually.
    When I read " New Features Workshop", it says we can export zone data in Green Building Extensible Markup Language(gbXML) format"

    " External tools can calculate the heating loads, cooling loads, and air flows for each engineering space. You can import these result into your Building Systems drawing using the Import gbXML feature. Then view the load calculations in the Engineering Properties dialog box."

    I have following question: What does external tool mean? Do I need to find a load calculaiton software that can import gbXML? Do you know any calc software support gbXML format? Will import and export gbXML format really make our job easier and more significant?


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    You might have better luck with that question in the AutoDesk discussion groups.

    But please update this thread if you get some answers. I'm curious about this.

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    HVAC Calc and Elite, which one is better?

    HVAC Calc 4.0 $389 for both commercial
    HVAC(Elite) $595 for commercial

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    Dhanna, where is Autodesk discussion group? in Thanks.

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    Originally posted by wyblueheart
    Dhanna, where is Autodesk discussion group? in Thanks.
    Sorry, but I must have broken the rules. I posted a link but the moderator edited it out.

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    I post there already.

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    Trane's Summit?

    Is anyone familiar with a Heat Load Calculation software by TRANE? Is it called Summit? Does anyone have a sample?
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