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    I am considering a duel fuel setup in Raleigh, NC, Possibly natural gas furnace with a Heat pump. This was recommended by a Trane dealer. When comparing a Trane XR12 heat pump to a standard XR12 split ac, is there any difference in how cold the evaporator coil gets during the cooling cycle? Will both the heat pump and the split AC system be equally effective at moisture removal during the cooling cycle? I am also considering a VS blower setup.


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    your heat pump IS an Air Conditioner.... Yes CONSIDER THE VARIABLE SPEED!!! Wise choice.... XR12 is a good choice up to 14 SEER with some applications on furnaces.... 13 mostly though. Trane....there IS NO SUBSTITUTE!!!

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    As indicated earlier your heat pump operates identically to central air in the cooling mode. The variable speed will enhance the overall indoor air comfort and dehumidification (latent) capabilities of the system as well as provide increased efficiency.
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    Duel fuel is the poop in this area!

    Get the Vision PRO t-stat w/ humidity control and variable speed blower...
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    What is the Square foot of you home ?
    How Old is the home ?
    How many People ?
    Average temp day during winter?
    Average temp day during summer ?
    Humidity ?

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    Take a look at the Infinity ,

    not the car,

    the Carrier Infinity System,handles dual fuel,great dehumidification,go with the two speed/stage compressor for the best.

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    House built in 1983 . Brick home. 1555 sq/ft down, 652 sq/ft upstairs bonus. Upstairs bonus has it's own system, a 3-4 yr old goodman heat pump. The downstairs system is a 20yr old 3 Ton Rheem split AC and 22 yr old Magic Chef natural gas furnace. Two adults, 2 children will be living in the home. Summers very hot and humid here in Raleigh, guessing avg temp 85 deg with many days over 90-95, very high humidity many days of summer. Winters fairly mild avg maybe 40-45. Some cold spells in the teens ocassionally. Considering replacing both systems due to the age of the equiptment, and evap drain pan rusted through, and blower motor runs hot. Local HVAC contractor assessed equiptment recently. Not worth repairing to me.

    Thanks for all of the posts.


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