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    We want to install a heat pump in Sacramento, CA in a soon to be built 400 sq. foot pool house/rec room. We are trying to decide between a minispit ductless unit versus a PTAC wall unit. Either would be about 12000 - 15000 BTU. We have questions regarding reliability between the two systems and noise levels. Any brand suggestions would also be appreciated. So far, we are looking at the Carrier or Amana PTAC heat pump units at Valley of the

    Thanks for any input!

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    The mini splits require a technial installation, must have a pro install but well worth the money in this case, they are MUCH quieter. I spend half my life in hotels and if I see another PTAC again, it will be too soon.

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    ductless mini splits are real nice. The ones i have seen are extremely quiet and nice looking. Havent ran into any noticeable performance/reliability problems. Many some others have opinions also

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    Most minis have little or no backup heat so if you get down to freezing or below, you'll need another heat source, like baseboard electric.

    A PTHP can have up to 5kw which usually will carry the load in cold weather. A good unit, like the GE 5800, is very quiet, much better than what Doc suffers with in motels . Some of the new Amanas are quiet though I've sure heard some noisy ones. The last new Carrier I slept with was rather loud. The lower line GEs have some pretty loud fan noise too.

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