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    Last summer I had to have the compressor on my Trane XE1200 replaced. After the replacement the unit ran louder than could barely hear it running before. Now there is more compressor noise. I was told that those compressors had a rubber bushing that went on both sides of the cleat where the compressor bolts to the unit. How valid is this statement? They did replace the blanket over the compressor. This buzz or humm is annoying

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    Trane does not send he rubber feet with the new compressor, you have to use the old ones. Are they on it?

    You may have a charge issue. Call them back out to check it out.
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    There is no way for us to diagnose that over the internet really.

    The new compressor should be no louder than the old one was when it was working properly though...

    Why did your old compressor fail, and what kind of failure was it?
    That unit uses about as reliable of a compressor as there is, maybe whatever caused the old one to fail hasn't been adressed and is the cause of the noise.

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    Yeah I agree, it sounds like whatever killed the old compressor is working hard on the new one.

    Did they repair anything else when they changed the compressor or just the compressor?

    Maybe if its just a buzz or hum it is the contactor?

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    Check if they replaced the sound blanket.

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    I spoke with the gen mgr today and he agrees that there is a problem with the rezonating and feels like the rubber bushings in feet of the compressor may have not been replaced. He said he or a service tech would be out to check it this week

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    sometimes the tech over tightens the nuts holding down the compressor causing the noise you describe.
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