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    Adding a pressure gauge to oil burner (pic included)

    Customer is asking me to install a pressure gauge on the discharge of his oil burner pump. I have recently been licensed to do boiler tune-ups, but I have not done this as a permanent installation. Has anyone done this or have any advice on method of connection or placement of the gauge? It is a Viessman boiler(forced HW) with a Beckett NX burner. Sorry if this is a rather novice inquiry, but I just want to make sure I do it correctly.Thanks.

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    get your post count up and apply for pro member

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    That's a good picture, good focus.

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    Kind of unusual request. Since that burner has a cover, extensive work will be required to get the gauge out where it will be visable. Additionally, you will be adding a potential leak point (s). Also need to consider the liability issues. As stated above, get the post count up and apply for pro member status. Oh, and welcome to the site!
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