berad thanks for the feedback - I was looking at the Panny and Sanyo but no one near me installs them. The places near me use Mits, Trane and the one person has Comfort-Aire units. I really don't care about name more on performance and how well it holds up and such...

I think for my needs and budget the three zone unit is the way to go:

BUT I do like the advise here (a central AC unit is out mostly for cost reasons and I really don't want the extra headache of running ductwork.

Last couple years we used three windo units 2- 6k btu and 1 - 12k BTU unit in the main room. And that floor (all bedrooms and main living area were nice)

I know price is not to be talked about but is a Mits unit worth about double the price?

Again thank you all and look forward to more chatting :-)