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    Time is coming soon for a new heat pump system. The system I have is a builders grade Janitrol; it's about 15 years old and beginning to show it's age.

    My question is this:
    I can get a 12 SEER Gibson heat pump and air handler w/ 15KW heat strips for darn near the same price I can get a Trane 10 SEER heat pump w/ air handler and heat strips.

    These are the two makes I can get wholesale pricing on.

    Which would you recommend? Why?

    As some of you know, I do not do residential work, so I appreciate your comments. Thanks. Bob

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    While it's hard to beat the fit & finish of a Choo Choo, your electric bill would appreciate the higher SEER and HSPF of the Gibson. The Trane has the nice cabinet, demand defrost but a recip compressor. The Gibson saves you bucks, has a similar warranty and a Copeland scroll. I personally would rather have a scroll in a heat pump than a recip, they heat better in cold weather. Unless you are in an area with very low juice rates where the savings wouldn't be great with higher SEER I guess I'd go for the SEER over the name.

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    This is the Technical forum. You might try posting your question in the Residential or Commercial HVAC forum. You'll find find your answers there. That is if you dont like Baldloonie's answer.

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    Check the hspf of both units.

    Being a heatpump, you'll want good heating performance also.
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    Nothing wrong with gibson
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    You are right.
    If I need to post a similar thread in the future, I will do so in the "residential" section.
    I posted it here because I wanted a pro's opinion; without them having to worry about homeowners or others disputing the merits of each brand.
    Thanks to all that have replied.

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    After 15 years of Janitrol, the Gibson will seem like a Cadillac.

    I like what the bald one said.

    Be sure to compare warranties, so it's apples & apples.

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    15 years with a janitrol..I wonder was it luck or was there
    great detail paid to installation when it was install.

    With your luck,you should go back with a janitrol.

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    Robo would be proud that the ol' Janitrol has done me right.
    I've only had to replace the indoor blower relay (twice) since it was installed. I haven't had to do anymore service to it(except annual cleanings).
    Based on some of the posts I've read, I feel blessed! LOL

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    I'd have to agree that the scroll in the Gibson should hold up nicely and the extra SEER will be appreciated. I also agree that the hspf between the 2 should be compared.

    Some of the manufacturers have been selling the 12 SEER units for not much more than the 10 SEER units recently for some reason. The price difference between them was greater before.

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    i thought this was a technical forum not for homo opinions
    tech to tech interaction is what we were promised a little disapointed in new forum

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    I'd compare the fan data charts for each .I think you'll find the Trane can move more air at a higher static.This may or may not be needed,it depends on your duct system.

    You're safer with the "stronger" fan as it can be set to a lower speed if needed.

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    Originally posted by kenny3412
    i thought this was a technical forum not for homo opinions
    tech to tech interaction is what we were promised a little disapointed in new forum
    He's in commercial and wants a residential opinion without home owners adding their 2 cents.

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