I was watching a special on bankruptcy?They say when
the current bankruptcy bill now just made into law
hits the small business will be felt by everyone thats
strugling.From what I read in the bankruptcy reform it is
going to be the hard or not possible to squash certain debts (debts typical to a person going into business)in
bankruptcy court.This in imho is a hard blow to the
little guy whos tring to make ends meet.I meen I have
thought about starting my own business but if I failed
I dont think I should be hounded for the rest of my
life by creditors.Think about it. We have all seen small
guys starting up using credit cards to get thru the hard

There will be no caps on interest for past due amounts
were talkin about 30 percent apr.If a man was not careful
he could end up being a working slave for the rest of
his life to lenders garnishments.Whats sickning is the
argument for this reform is people living beyond there
meens getting 10 cards maxing them out and bankrupting
every five years.At a close inspection of the reform these
people will be virtualy untouched as long as you dont own
a home.I meen with contracting profit margins so slim
going into business is a gamble.I wonder how many are going to loose?