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    No name, city, address, on air handler. Model # FMB10 36+X3 000 --- coil # FMBXX 36+X3. Need to know if coil will work with heat pump? Has txv, no bypass check valve. Some txv's have by pass built inside. Not sure about this one. Thanks.

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    on a heat pump system, you will want to replace the entire system. (heat pump and air handler)

    mis matched units will probably work ok in cooling, although at a lower efficiency.

    heating, however, will result in problems such as high pressures and unncessary load on your new compressor, or worse yet, low pressures that will not transfer enough heat to the home, resulting in the electric heat strips energizing and watching your electric bill increase.

    "do it right or do it twice"

    if the manufacturer finds out about a mis matched system , the warranty will be void.

    good luck.

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