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    Black adder; The American Standards I install have insulated blower compartments,a filter with a rack and a base. Maybe it's older models you are referring to?

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    The American Standards have all the things you mentioned the Standard line ccba ccd etc.. not aud, aux are a cheaper version of the American Standard sold as a competitive unit to goodman etc. for the builder market. Controls are the same just no extras like filter etc...

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    If ya don't trust somebody... why would you let them in your house...... its normal sometimes for A/C guys, plumbers, electricians to think the contractor is a jerk....not always but SOME ARE.

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    black adder; I see, thanks.

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    Black Adder:
    As the first buyer, I wish I had been involved in the purchase long before the house was finished being built. I would paid for a more expensive (two stage) furnace in the first place.

    With the quality of the furnace, am I going to be dealing with nickle and dime to death issues with this furnace if it is that cheap? In your professional opinion, should I just have another HVAC person replace the furnace? Less than four years seems like a very short period of time for the furnace parts to be failing.


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    Angry MR. FIX IT.

    Originally posted by diy home owner1
    Furnace Unit: American Standard downflow gas fired (natural gas) "fan assisted combustion system" (model cdb080a945co)
    Installed in 2000
    History: When this house was being built in 2000, there was significant conflict between the local HVAC installer and the out of area building contractor. Every time I seek service or maintenance from the installer, he rags on the contractor and offers far less than satisfactory service (requiring repeat visits for the same problem). Now I'm facing a potentially broken furnace and I don't trust his diagnostics or to fix it right. He says it will cost(((( $X amount of dollars)))) to just come out and look at it.

    Past Problem: 1. Thermostat calls for heat. (Integrated furnace control red led light flashes fast (normal operation so far).)
    2. Control module verifies pressure switch contacts are open and limit switches are closed and the draft blower is energized. (Red led continues to flash fast.)
    3. Pressure switch contact close and ignitor warms up (I have visual confirmation that the ignitor is warming up.)
    4. The gas valve is supposed to be energized at this point. Instead, it shuts down (with a "click"), waits for a few seconds, and begins at step 1 again. (Red led continues to flash fast.)

    Current Problem: 1. Thermostat calls for heat. Process begins with normal clicks, etc. but then the red led indicates (with three flashes) a Pressure Switch Error. I've been trying to work with my HVAC installer to understand the situation before calling him out to fix it. He initially claimed that the board or ignitor needed replacing and then said the pressure switch needed replacing. I checked his story against posts on the internet and have not been able to get a clear verification of his story. I'm just not willing to have him come out, as he's done in the past, and charge me several times without fixing the problem.

    (No pricing please) please read

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    As you stated you are NOT willing for this person to fix the furnace then try and call another company that is Trane dealer or American Standard .If you don't want to pay the trip charge then just call local company and ask a few questions like you have here, and see if he can steer you in the right direction.

    I think that you have a small problem that isn't enough to warrant a complete change of furnace..

    But,I am not there and no one here can fix your problem or are they going to tell you how to fix it..

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