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    Post Finishing 1st year of school, looking for summer job in MN.

    My name is Jeff, and I am currently attending Dunwoody College of Technology in Minneapolis. I am just about to finish my first year in the HVAC Systems Servicing program and was interested in getting a summer job in the HVAC field. I really want to get my foot in the door, and will do just about anything in the field. If anyone knows of any job openings preferably in the west or southwest metro of Minnesota, please let me know. Thanks in advance!


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    Hi Jeff,

    Welcome to the forum community.

    If your not asking questions, your not learning.

    Get to an RSES meeting or other industry group and attend their training meetings. Ask for job leads.

    Visit wholesale houses and befriend the managers/ counter people there.

    Bring in boxes of fresh donuts, at opening time, and leave them there.

    Make a flier and put it up on the buletin boards. Advertising you will help anyone with a compressor lift or two person job for the day.

    Dont mention "free", but be willing to do so if the situation warrants.
    Remember, you want to get experience.
    And even though a worker is worthy of his wages, not all who would give you a days work would be willing to pay for it.
    Just be glad for the experience.

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    Check out ,contractor locator,write or email members in your area,telling them where (acca) you found their company,and your desire to learn.

    Also check to see if there is a local or state chapter of ACCA ,and write/email to them.

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    try some of these companies with a cold call,and explain your wants and interests in the field to learn.they are always looking for young helpers and with the end of the summer you can go back to your 2nd year of HVAC.even then they might keep you for weekend work in the off season up there,this is good experience also for you in dealing with selling yourself

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