story by: Spot Tedowl, Reporter

Today the governor of California, Cameron Diaz, has stated the demise of all chemical refrigerants in the state, due to the recent deaths of millions of brown cockroach's in apartment buildings and other community living sites.

The brown cockroach brownius cockroachius), was a common pet among the children of California, and parents were getting tired of telling thier children they were living on "uncle Ralphs farm".

Gov. Diaz said rersearch from UCLA has indicated the potential harm from chemical refrigerants to the roaches and stated "duh, if you can't club a baby seal then you can't, like, kill, like, a kids pet, you know?"

California is proposing that we no longer use chemicals, but, Evian, for all future refrigerant needs.

The governor also said her nine year marriage to Billva was incredibly "fantabulous" and that he is the "bestest" husband a woman could dream for.
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nobody knows what will be developed tomorrow in the world of refrigerants. today 410, tomorrow ?

for the next 25 years we'll have our choice of 22 AND 410.

i'm personally going to stick with 22 for my families and my own systems for now. and only if a customer insists on 410 (and there are only a handful that have) will it be installed. at a greater initial price, of course.