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    What makes one packaged heat pump brand better than the other? A Heil Phad with a 12 seer and 7.2 heat compared to a Trane XL1200 with a 12 seer and 7.2 heat is considerably less expensive. The Heil has a Scroll compressor while the Trane has their own Duration compressor. The only difference I see is that the Trane has a louvered panel protecting the coils while the Heil does not. I would like someone to explain any other differences in the 2 units resulting in the Trane being more expensive other than name recognition.

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    Don't know anything about Heil. (nobody around here puts them in)

    We put in Trane and Carrier though.
    Although I can't tell you the differences... I can tell you my preference in the Trane.
    I like the XL1400 personally. It seems to be the most bang for the buck based on where I live (west TN)

    I like the variable speed blower in it for sure.
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    Trane uses "demand" defrost while many others use "time and temperature" defrost.

    Using tnt defrost, when the set amount of run time has elapsed, the contacts on the timer are closed and IF the coil sensor contacts are also closed the unit will defrost.

    Using the demand defrost, the unit will only defrost when needed, more often than tnt if the conditions are right,(an air sensor AND a coil sensor determine what conditions are right) but leaving you with a smalller amount of time between defrosts when frost build up is heavy. Keeping the outdoor coil free of ice build-up keeps the capacity of the sysetm up. This is very improtant during long periods of below freezing weather.

    I do not know what kind of defrost heil is using but I would assume tnt, same as low end Carriers use.

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    Alot of brands use demand defrost, but its a combination of little things that add up as you might see. Sound levels, efficiencies at points other than SEER, protection controls, materials, fit and finish,

    I certanily am not a Trane fan, but you can do your homework. The key is going to be the installation although a package unit doesnt require alot of engineering, maybe they are offering a new pad, duct connection, or addtional site work such as duct modifications, or higher end thermostat to name a few.

    Louvered pannels are a great advantage, desinged to allow the airflow and protect the coils.

    BTW, yes there is some added cost for advertising but I wouldnt get hung up on that.

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    Heil splits use demand defrost, not sure about the packaged units.

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    Trane has been pretty good with advancing efficiency designs than most other companies, at least on the top end scale. The spine fin design has caused a lot of durability issues and even at one point offered to help their competition better utilize it because the spine fin was getting a bad rep and hurting Trane sales.

    The engineering hurdle Trane was supposingly able to overcome allows for, I believe, over 5% more surface area to dissipate heat, increasing efficiency. The design also allows for 1/3 the braized joints than a conventional fin tube design and also eliminates serpintine bends (but it can be a real PIA to clean).

    I think a lot of the price differnce is in the compressors though. As I understand it, Trane's entire compressor design, production and testing is all "in house" and not subcontacted to manufacturers. I was told this allows for faster and more detailed design updates and improvements.

    Of course, the install is critical, as was already stated.

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    3 people rent a hotel room for $30, chip in $10 each and go to the room. A few minutes later the bellboy comes up and says there has been a mistake, the room only cost $25. $5 is returned to the three people to split evenly, but they decide to tip the bellboy $2, each getting a dollar back. Orginally paying $10 each for the room, they are now paying $9 each. 9 x 3 = 27. 27 + the $2 tip to the bellboy = 29. Where's the other dollaar?

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    i am a lenox fan although trane is a very good unit to and come to think of it so is carrier, hiel,rudd,and york
    so find the contractor thet makes you feel comfortable and is willing to give you the best warrenti and the best service. installing a package unit is just as important as a split system. get a load done and the ducts have to be the correct size to. install is where the most concern is with a package unit. also make sure backup heaters are part of the unit and not an extra. i have seen some guys adding them in as an extra

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    [QUOTE]Originally posted by billva


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    there is no dollar. If they split the five dollars evenly that means they each get 1.66 and 1/3 cent each. If they all chip in on the tip they each give him 66 1/3 cent.
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    Yup. Riddle doesn't work that well when it's typed out though. Then again, I suck at re-telling jokes and riddles I've heard too!

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