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    I am in the process of deciding on a new packaged electric heat pump. The contractor I know very well is a certified Trane dealer but also has high regards for Heil equipment. The contractor says I will save some money if I go with a Heil. Can anyone tell me If the Heil Phad packaged heat pump is reliable and worth the savings over a Trane. Both units are 12 seer using R-22.

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    Been installing, ICP products ( Heil, Tempstar ) for over 13 years. Would stand them up next to anything. Not a lot of bells & whistles ( cadillac ), but will just keep on running for a long time ( sedan )
    Don't think you would go wrong with Heil ( or Trane for that matter )as long as you stay away from the 14 or over Seers. ( my opinion )

    Good Luck !

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    Our SEER 12 Heil packaged heatpump, installed in 2000, just failed again, and this time the compressor buzzed (had been making slight knocking sound during start-up over the past several weeks). Previous problems were all with the big relay (wouldn't shut off) and time delay (indoor fan wouldn't start), the latter failing multiple times.

    Does Heil use cheap or badly designed control components? I didn't see any conformal coating on the two circuit boards (defroster? indoor fan time delay?) to seal out moisture.

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    Wouldn't want a Heil unit. Good for service company, bad for homeowner paying service company. Trane is my choice between the two. However, if I was looking to save money I would find a reliable Goodman dealer and buy a 12 seer. They now have copeland scroll compressors and come with 10 year parts warranty. If your not overly concerned with money, go Trane. Just remember, they all fail when poorly installed.

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    I would be taking the opinions from the guys with credentials (if I were you)!

    Nothing is wrong with Heil (ICP) products. If they are installed properly, they will give you years of quality service.

    There are good and bad companies out there installing EVERY brand of equipment. The goal is to find the most reliable, competent HVAC Company you can find!

    And (if you didn't know already) the answer is YES, I would go with the Heil (ICP) unit.

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    Originally posted by dexman
    Just remember, they all fail when poorly installed.
    Quoted, is the only part of his post that should concern you!

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    Hey Jultzya, what kinda credentials do ya want? I can see your concern since I am new to this site and havn't taken the necessary steps to get my little yellow tag. (credentials) Don't let that fool you though. I have been in the hvac field since 1991 and am H3 licensed, have a hvac degree and epa certified. Not to mention own a hvac company built from nothing but reliable work and word of mouth. I work on alot of ICP and have grown to dislike them. However, alot of those are in mobile homes and around here are typically poorly installed. Still, "grown to dislike them". Besides that, If you're gonna buy a cheap unit, why not get one with a scroll compressor and 10 year parts warranty. Makes sense to me.


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    Originally posted by dexman
    Hey Jultzya, what kinda credentials do ya want? I can see your concern since I am new to this site and havn't taken the necessary steps to get my little yellow tag. (credentials)
    Welcome, I guess after reading the post by 'lmc' and then yours... I was seeing a trend against ICP products.

    As you say, poorly installed units will fail. It's not a question of if, it's a question of when.

    Scroll is the way to go, for efficiency, longevity, and a quiet running machine. I have had a quality relationship with ICP. I like their products and the products offer my clients a machine they can count on.

    As you know, it's the quality of not only the unit, but the people behind the business that the clients count on. If there is a weak link between the Factory and the installer, the client will suffer the consequences.

    Again, welcome. Maybe we'll chat again soon...

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    Thanks for the hospitality. Maybe I havnt seen any good installs on ICP because they don't break often?

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    Originally posted by dexman
    Maybe I havnt seen any good installs on ICP because they don't break often?
    Hey, I think you might just turn out to be ok!

    Check out these installs... here, here, here, here, here, and a new member on the forum here.

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    Speaking of Heil

    Don't know if this should be a new topic, but since you guys are talkikng about Heil package units, does anyone know if I could still get a double 4.8KW heating assy. for a 1993 vintage 24PHB Heil? The heating box is a Inter City 9.6UHPH-000000 867.814521.
    Just thought I'd throw something else out there about Heil units failing.

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