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    Floor Duct Installation

    When installing floor ducts, should the top of the register boot sheet metal opening be flush with the opening in the wood subfloor? does it matter when installing carpeting? Please advise. Thanks.

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    As a rule, yes. More important, though, is sealing around the opening so that all of the conditioned air goes into the room, rather than leaking into the basement/crawl space.

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    thanks for replying. I just wasn't sure how a layer of padding and carpeting would affect when I install the register. will the register fasten to the floor?

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    usually we try to make it flush to the floor but isnt always flush. make sure it is sealed with caulk/mastic from the boot(metal) to floor (wood). You typically don't fasten floor registers with screws. The register is made so that it fits snug inside the hole. You don't have to leave the boot sticking out of the floor like you do on a wall or ceiling to allow for sheet rock. the register will just sit on top of carpet and insides will go ito boot.

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    The most common way I install floor boots is to cut a half inch slit in each cornner ,push it up through floor and the hammer a flange on the top of the floor.I then put a screw in each end to secure it.I then seal it from underneath.

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