Hi. Let me first point out that I am not a HVAC specialist or even remotely in this line of work. I am merely a home owner trying to do research about a wood burning insert and it's benefits. My apologies in advance if I use the wrong term regarding something.

I am located in the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas. I live outside of town which only allows for heat by electricity. During the winter months, our heating bill will easily reach around $500. That is keeping the house on an average temp of 68. This cost has led me to research a fireplace insert. My question is regarding the best way to circulate it once the blower blows the heated air into the living room (where the fireplace is). Luckily my return air is in the hallway that is next to the living room. My thinking was that if I just ran the fan on the HVAC unit itself, that in time, it would start to warm the rooms. What I would like to try and avoid is having a living room that is 80 degrees while the rooms are 60. My hope was that introducing hot air at some point in the circulation would spread the heat throughout the house.

Hopefully I was clear on what I was trying to do. Comments or suggestions?

Also, my house is approx 3000 sq. ft.

Thanks for your time and replies.