First of all, I want to thank everyone on this message board that has ever replied to any of my messages in the past 1.5 yrs. I started in this industry 2 years ago. I had a sales background for 10 years in the telecommunications industry, "WorldCom". You can guess most of the rest, thanks to Mr. Ebbars. Anyway, I was without a job and I saw an opportunity for a sales job in the HVAC industry, I interviewed and I got hired. At the time I didnt even know what HVAC stood for when I applied. Oh Lord. :-) I was sent to one week of training out of state and then when I got back home I was pretty much told, GO SELL! With NO knowledge of the industry whatsoever! I worked out of my house, used subcontractors, and my boss was 3 hours away. It was a struggle to find anyone to help me learn this business. So I depended on asking "stupid" questions on this message board to help me gain as much knowledge as I could. A lot of the questions that I would ask had to do with Sears b/c that was the company I was working for. I wouldnt tell anyone I worked for Sears b/c I had a general consensus of how everyone felt. But, I had to start and learn somewhere and I was struggling to make ends meet. Last December I quit Sears and took a job with a local HVAC company that is part of a larger corporation. Now, I have a general manager, an installation manager, an operations manager, a service manager and an awesome service tech team and an awesome installation team.All of which, is greatly known to to the city I live in. Last year I did a whoppin $120,000 in sales for the entire year with Sears!!!!Damn, I avoided bankruptcy,barely, Yippee.With my new company I have sold $102,000 since I started selling Jan 17, 2005 and it excites the hell out of me! Anyway, I just wanted to thank everyone here who has ever replied to any of my stupid questions. I'll never be as good as you guys are that know the in-depth technical diagrams, but I'll tell you what, every time you have posted something, Ive read every damn thing!!!!!! And, its increases my knowledge every day!