To all who have followed my last posts,

This is not related to the cooling issue, as this happened after the hurricane last year, and the cooling problem happened 4-5 months before the hurricane even hit. We were in the home during Hurricane Charley, and after it was all said and done, our back bedroom smelled kind of woodsy/pine. We figured it was just from all the snapped trees outside. Our power was off for about 1 week. We had minimal roof damage and none near the bedrooms.

Since that time, there has always been a musty (hard to describe)weird smell when the A/C is on. Could it be mold? We had the FPL man doing a duct test a couple of weeks ago, and he didn't find any leaks in the ducts and saw no signs of moisture up in the attic.

I currently use a little sponge deodorizer on the outside of the return grill (and no it's not big enough to cut air flow), and that helps mask it. I bet our insurance would pay to replace all the ducts, but it would still be a nightmare and pretty impossible over that crawl above the landing, unless we do as Dash suggested and put a new grill in the great room beside the return. I guess I really don't mind the smell, just wonder if it's something that can harm our health.

Personally I hate Florida. Hope to move someday. Won't be able to afford our home owner's insurance within a year or two! Where's a good place to live (from PA and too cold and snowy up there).

Thanks again,