Hi!! I have a 26 year old 3.5 ton Whirlpool Condenser unit.I think the compresser is on its way out because the lights dim when it kicks on and goes to normal once it get going..I was wondering which is better,Trane or Ruud..I was mainly wondering if Trane has a scroll compresser..I know Ruud does a scroll compresser..I have a 15 year old Ruud on the other side of the house which we never had a lick of problem out of it..I'm looking at a 14 seer unit for more effiency.. I just had a new Ruud Air handler(UBHC21J18SHG)w/txv installed in December because the old units elements shorted out and didnt feel like it was worth fixing due to the age..It was 26 y/o also..